Salomon Rail Forest Run



Chris is a Singapore based runner who enjoys trail running, ultramarathons and tends to hit podium in the races he has taken part in over the past few years. Chris is a 40yr old British who has been living in Singapore for the past 5 years now. Originally from England, UK before moving to Singapore, he is married to his wonderful wife Jessica and is a proud father to 3 young children (Bella, Issac and Emilia). He is a Deputy Headteacher in an international school and aside from his clear passion for running, he is equally passionate about all things education, nature, photography and pizza! In addition to running, he is a big fan of football (Liverpool die – hard). Besides being one of our esteemed ambassadors, Chris is also an ambassador to several other sporting brands which helps hm with things like nutrition, support and training.

List Of Podium Finishes:
1. Winner of Volvic Forest Force 50 virtual 15km, 25km, 50km (2021)
2. Winner of Cyocosport Jungle Cross 10km and 15km trail races (2021)
3. 1st place in the Singapore Masters (40 cat) 1500m 
4. 2nd place finish at the Gila 100 virtual ultramarathon (2021)
5. 2nd place finish at 3 Reservoirs Ultramarathon 50km (2021)
6. 3rd place at Lucky 88km Ultramarathon (2021)
7. 3rd pace at Borneo Ultramarathon 50km (2021)
8. 3rd place at Sundown Marathon Malaysia

Sharon Fay

Sharon Fay have always been active throughout her younger days especially since tertiary when she started to run to de-stress and calm her mind. Running has always been her go to activity especially after a long busy day at work, it not only improves her mood and also regulate her sleep. It releases endorphins into the body, which help produce the relaxed feelings and natural “runner’s high” that she feel at the end of every run.

She normally run alone either early morning or night, around the neighborhood where she lives. Then it came to a point where she wants to learn to become a better runner, she decided to train for it. Sharon Fay only started running competitively in 2018 and since then never look back. Her performance improved tremendously, with a personal best 44min for 10km, 1h37min for HM and 3h50min for FM. It has been a fulfilling and great journey so far. To her, running can be an acquired taste, it definitely takes a certain amount of discipline, determination and dedication to come this far. Sharon Fay believe she still have a long way to go and am still learning and am excited to test her own limits and see how far her legs can bring her and grow as a better athlete.

She is grateful to be given this opportunity to be selected to be part of the team. For now, Sharon will just enjoy the process and run for this moment.

Her Moto: To do her best in everything She set to do! Start with an end in mind.

List Of Podium Finishes:
1. 1st place at Bedok Reservoir Run (2019)
2. 1st place at Volvic Force Of Nature Marathon 10km category (2019)
3. 2nd place at Singapore Kindness Run 10km category (2019)
4. 1st place at Skyhawk Nature Run 22km (2020)
5. 2nd place at Jungle Cross Trail Run 10km category (2021)
6. 2nd place at SMTFA Master Track and Field 5000m (2021)
7. 2nd place at SMTFA Master Track and Fied 1500m (2021)
8. 2nd place at Volvic Forest Force 50 Virtual 15km (2021) 

Vanja cnops

Vanja is a name spoken in awe and respect when it comes to races here in Singapore, both trail and road events. Probably the most humble person you will ever come meet, she is a versatile and insanely fast runner who hails from a country as flat as Singapore, Belgium. Vanja started running at age 12 and instantly proved to be a natural born runner as she swept several national titles in the junior categories at Cross Country Championships. She was also a member of the Belgium national team that competed in European Cross Country & Track & Field  Championships. After conquering all in Europe, she packed her bags and moved to Singapore in 2012 and immediately picked up from where she left off in Europe as she once again swept several races in podium place finishes. And she hasnt stopped since!
List Of Podium Finishes:
1. 2nd place place finish at Vibram Hong Kong 100 (2020)
2.1st place at Vietnam Trail Marathon (2020)
3. 5th place in the 54km category at Annapurna 100 (2019)
4. 1st place at Vietnam Mountain Marathon (2019)
5. 2nd place at Cameron Ultra 55km (2019)
6. 1st place at Volvic Forest Force 50 (2019)
7. 1st place at Volvic Forest Force 50 Virtual (2021)
8. 2nd place at the German Rennsteig Trail Marathon (2021)
9. 3rd place at Belgium Championship Half Marathon (2022)